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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thoughts about Coffee Drinkers

I work at an old diner and I don't mind serving coffee but its the coffee drinkers that are most considerate and patient. The teenagers that come in for coffee are not always favored because they are impatient and sometimes make loud noises to demand your attention. One time I got whistled at like a dog and I didn't bring them coffee for being so rude. I waited a few more minutes before I went over.

Anyways, my original thought/observation. The teenage coffee drinkers or younger pour in great quantities of creamer and sugar into their coffee. I don't think they necessarily like the taste of coffee but rather the idea that eludes to 'adulthood' somehow. I took it one step further onto myself and that sometimes when we sin that we have it masked by all the sweet things and get tricked by Satan or ourselves. How often I have found myself reflecting deeply about something and realize that I have something to work on personally. The teenage coffee drinkers are not horrible but I am grateful that in some way they taught me and gave me a chance to reflect on how I am doing personally.

A silly story of a 'little man'. It was a late weeknight when a boy probably 12 came boasting into our restaurant and he asked for coffee. I sat him and got him a cup of coffee. I asked him if he wanted any creamer, but he wasn't sure which one he wanted so I brought a variety. Clearly, he had never drunk coffee before. A few minutes later his friend comes in with a concerned look on his face. The boy's friend was trying to calm him down since the 'little man' was in a tiz about something. In response to his friends concern he said, "I am drinking coffee!" His friend disapproved but stayed and talked him down eventually. As they were leaving I went to the register to charge him for his coffee.

He asked, "I didn't drink any of the coffee. Do I still have to pay for it?" I just looked at him and knew that he needed a break and I didn't know what from so I asked my manager if he needed to pay. She said yes, so hopefully he learned his lesson. I haven't seen him since. This 'little man' that was so confused also taught me a lesson. He was blinded about the bigger picture of things and even what he wanted to order. In lashing out he ordered coffee. Sometimes when we are angry and lash out we ourselves end up ordering something that isn't healthy for us and have to pay the price even though we didn't drink the cup. Actions speak louder than words.

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fiona said...

Those are some great lessons, all thanks to coffee! I especially like the parallels between the "little man" story and choices/consequences. You are wise, Oh Young One... ;)