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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tuesday's With Morrie

     Mitch is a former student of Morrie who is stricken with ALS that slowly takes over the body. Mitch didn’t keep in contact with Morrie after college but rather only remembered him once in a while and began their Tuesday visits only after seeing a Nightline episode of Morrie talking about his experience with ALS on a late night show.

     Mitch seems very selfish and busy when we meet him in the beginnings. But as his Tuesday visit’s continue with Morrie his mind is expanded and sets the time to self reflect and question Morrie who is in turn sharing with him his experience with dying. Morrie is a very gentle person who thrives off energy whether from a dance beat or a smile.

     Mitch Albom does his very best to relay the mental perspective of life from dying eyes and an active mind. It was a very interesting reading this and helps remind us that we are human but we can make the best we have and love those around us. There wasn’t any climax or suspense but just the plain truth.

      This book would be educational for students who wanted to study someone’s perspective that had a terminal illness. It could also teach them how disease’ can infect and deconstruct the body slowly. Or to show a  different kind of narration and voice.

                                                By: J Feistner

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